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jumicar licences for business start-ups is registered and grants licences. With us you can set up your own new business.

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Birthday Parties

We offer you different kind of packages. Get more information from your local jumicar operator! We welcome your birthday party at jumicar!

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If you wish, we`ll come to you. Whatever the occasion, whether it be an open day, a town or street festival, a company jubilee celebration, a school fête - in fact any festivity - jumicar will bring this great children`s attraction straight to your door.

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Road safety training for children using real junior-sized cars

It`s not surprising that children have so much fun practising and learning road safety with us: at any of the jumicar road safety parks throughout Germany and Europe, children from the age of 6 upwards can drive real, environmentally friendly junior-sized cars, powered by real engines, just like the grown-ups on the roads.

The children operate the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes as they negotiate the course, where they learn to recognize and react to traffic lights and zebra crossings, get to know what the various road signs mean and gain a feeling for the flow of road traffic. They learn to recognize the hazards, to show consideration for others and to understand better how a traffic situation appears to a driver, which improves their safety awareness as pedestrians or cyclists.

jumicar training for millions of children

Of course there are no statistics to show how many accidents have been prevented since the first jumicar road safety park was opened in 1989. But even if our work has saved only one child from having an accident, our efforts have been worthwhile. To date millions of delighted customers - children, adults, school classes and clubs - have visited the jumicar road safety practice circuits.

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